Today most insurance plans are sold without any prior work being done to understand how much cover and how many different types of cover a customer needs.

Insurance needs is a first of its kind platform which will help the customer analyze their requirement. The need varies from person to person. Just like no two people are similar in the way they look or talk similarly insurance cannot be a one solution fits all approach.

One person with family of two and own house may require bigger term plan and multiple small policies to cover his assets. A newly married person may require a term plan with lower cover but flexibility to increase cover later on. A person with dependent parents might need a comprehensive health insurance plan. A businessman may require a robust retirement plan.

This is why its important to analyze first. Click on our TIR Map to know more.

TIR is a first of its kind analytical tool.

It first starts by calculating our total income requrieed to be replaced incase the person is no more. This is done by multiplying income with unique factor derived by calculating income replacement algorithms across various age groups. This is unique and easy to calculate.

The TIR Map gives total life cover needed, health insurance needed and other important insurance plans which a person needs to take.

The calculations are derived by our unique factors which have evolved by various permutations which are inbuilt once you give your inputs.

Be patient and complete this one-time exercise and learn more about how much insurance you need. Refer this sheet from time to time and feel free to edit and modify the same.

There are 54 insurance companies offering over 1000 products. If someone comes in TV and asks you take a 1 Crore term plan then please STAY AWAY from such platforms.

Every product is unique and offers multiple benefits. Insurance products are not easy to understand and hence lot of people end up taking a plan which just does not meet their requirement and on top of that there are FALSE promises and WRONG Commitments being given to leverage the high commissions which come with the sale of Insurance.

Infact you will be surprised if I tell you that there are some amazing products which customers never come to know about since it has LOW commission for the distributor.

Even your favorite bank will sell you products which offer them high revenue.

Hence it’s important that you speak to our experts who are not driven by revenue. We have a well-trained team and will explain you EACH and EVERY Aspect of the product.

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